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Mastita Properties s.a.l

MASTITA PROPERTIES s.a.l is a modern mixed use space that revolutionizes the shopping and entertainment scene. It provides an ideal gathering site that could accommodate a wide array of activities... A Prime place to work, shop, get entertained, and unwind.

Exposed to a population of over 250,000 inhabitants, Byblos is a heavily populated area rich in its history, culture and activities which make it vibrant all throughout the year. Its old souks, its beach resorts and its outdoor activities are a main attraction for tourists and locals during the summer. Nevertheless, the hustle and bustle of the city never ceases during the winter, mainly due to the fact that some of the country's main schools, universities, hotels, clubs and hospitals are located at its outskirts Building on above opportunities, BW Holding's vision was to create a commercial project located at a strategic site at the periphery of the highway, easily accessed by both its directions through a side road. This side road will become the main entrance to both the village of Mastita and Halat-Byblos Beach Road. The project's location defines the forefront of a region surrounded by numerous infrastructures ranging from residential, commercial, touristic, leisure, educational and medical facilities.

The social diversity surrounding Mastita Properties s.a.l, ranging from mid to high income locals, tourists and students makes this project a very hot destination for commercial activities.

Mastita Properties s.a.l includes: a gas station, a hypermarket, food chains, signature restaurants with outdoor facilities, children playgrounds, event spaces for weddings and special occasions, office buildings and green open spaces. All these functions work together as one entity emphasizing the project's main role of being the commercial beat of the city.
"Mastita Properties S.A.L."
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